5 Sneaky Ways To Keep Guests From Crashing In Your 1 Bedroom Apartment

One bedroom apartments have many benefits: they're cheaper, they don't take as long to clean, and their heating bills are lower. But your haven for one or two immediately becomes cramped when guests descend on it. Here are four sneaky ways (plus one honest way) to keep friends and family members from crashing in your 1 bedroom apartment. 

Say You Have Bedbugs

This excuse is highly plausible, considering reported cases of bedbug infestation in Canada have been quickly rising since the year 2000. Bedbugs also proliferate in cities with dense populations, and that's usually where houseguests want to travel. For instance, many buildings within the popular tourist destination of Toronto have developed bedbug infestations. And because the parasites travel easily on clothes and in suitcases, few guests will want to risk exposure to the little hitchhikers. 

Charge Hotel Rates

Plenty of people rent out parts of their home or apartment to temporary lodgers. If a nonpaying guest proposes a visit, say that said visit would force you to displace your tenant in order to accommodate the new guest. If you're feeling generous (and financially acquisitive at the same time), you can offer to let the guest stay with you as long as he or she makes up the cost of the displaced tenant. 

Say You Have a Cat

Who isn't allergic to cats these days? 

Pretend You're a Hoarder

Though this tactic is risky because it entails inviting people into your home and then counting on them to leave voluntarily, it has a high possibility of success if executed properly. You'll have to start preparing for your visitors at least a week in advance. Start bringing home furniture that you find on the street or at the dump. Collect stacks of newspaper and magazines from the recycling center. When your work is done, your guest should only be able to access the couch by winding his or her way through piles of junk. But chances are the guest will quickly turn around and make his or her way to a hotel. 

The Mature Way: Just Say No

If your friends and family members fail to understand that 1 bedroom apartments do not easily accommodate people in excess of their current occupancy, then perhaps these people need a crash course in architecture. Don't passively allow your cozy space to be taken over by squatters. Be assertive. Strong relationships are built on healthy boundaries, and saying yes when you want to say no can create resentment over time. Be honest with your loved ones and tell them your couch is off limits--at least until you upgrade to a 2 bedroom. 

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