Janitors And Flu Season: Tips For Keeping Viruses At Bay In The School

Cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for as long as 48 hours. In a school environment, that's a recipe for a serious outbreak. The janitorial staff is one of the most important lines of defense to help combat cold and flu outbreaks in schools. Here are some tips to help maximize your cleaning efforts throughout the cold and flu season to help reduce transmission of the virus.

Frequent Surface Disinfection

School buildings are full of surfaces that are touched frequently, from door knobs to desk surfaces and keyboards. In addition, toys and other interactive learning tools are handled on a regular basis. Add to that the frequent traffic in and out of the restrooms, and you've got the potential for spreading viruses throughout the building.

Focus on disinfecting the frequently-touched surfaces a couple of times each day. Do a thorough cleaning first thing in the morning, then again when the classrooms empty for lunch and then a final time after school releases for the day. Make sure that you clean the bathroom fixtures several times a day, including applying a disinfectant to the faucets and stall handles.

Select The Right Disinfectants

Think about what viruses you're trying to fight and make sure that you're choosing disinfectants that will be effective, like those from Apple Cleaning Supplies. Add hand sanitizers in classrooms to help students and teachers avoid contamination between cleanings, then make sure that you're keeping up with thorough wipe-downs and cleanings throughout the day.

Make sure that your cleaning products are guaranteed to kill flu viruses. If you're using natural or green cleaning solutions, look for something with a strong disinfectant component. Read all of the labels closely, both for contents and also for instructions. Wash the surfaces with cleaning products, then rinse them thoroughly with water. Follow up with a disinfectant or a chlorine bleach solution.

If you need chlorine bleach solution, you'll want to create a mixture of about an ounce and a half of bleach to every gallon of water. Leave the solution on the surface for five minutes before rinsing it with water. That allows the bleach time to eliminate germs and viruses effectively.

With the right disinfectant cleaners and an active cleaning approach, you can help slow the spread of flu and cold viruses in the schools. As a janitor in the school system, the tips presented here will help you take control of flu season in your school.