Protect Your Pets On Moving Day

Moving is a stressful situation for any family. With so many changes involved, it is easy to forget that your pets need to be included in every step of your move. Make sure to have a pet checklist and ensure that your pets are part of your moving plan. Here are three tips when it comes to preparing pets for a move.

1. Have Pets Out of the Way During Moving Day

Moving companies strive to provide the most efficient moving process for their clients as possible. If your pets are underfoot, it can add stress and issues to the move process. Your pets aren't going to understand what is going on, and might become stressed, hide, or get in the way. Make sure to lock up pets or have them already moved to the new home so that your movers aren't troubled with pets underfoot. Make sure that the movers day-of know exactly what is going with your pet situation and do not open up incorrect rooms where pets might be stowed.

2. Take Care Packing up Pet Items

One might tend to keep back-up pet food and other pet-related items with laundry, storage and garage items. Take care and remember that pets might need items that are in vaguely-packed areas of the home. Try to do a pre-pack of your pet's items and make sure that your pets have what they need. If have enough supplies to last until the move, during the move, and in their new home, the transition will be less stressful. Sometimes losing your pet's favorite toy can be a devastating as losing your child's favorite stuffed animal, so make sure to account for your pet's items carefully.

3. Come up With a Detailed Pet Moving Plan

While you have a plan with your moving company, come up with a separate plan with your pets. Moving pets should be the least stressful it can be, and take place either before or after the larger furniture move with the movers. Make sure that you have their necessities packed and ready to go, and carriers ready to make transport easier. Pets should always travel directly with you, or with a certified pet transporter.

Whether or not you are moving one town over or to another territory completely, make sure that your pets are included in the plan. If you plan for your pets along with the rest of your move, they will not be a last minute consideration. Your pet's needs during a stressful time such as moving need to be considered and acted on. For more tips, contact a company like Hendra Moving & Storage (2007) Ltd.