Cleaning Services Actually Save You Money

When your office is dirty, your options are to clean your office on your own, hire someone to clean your office for you or hire someone to clean your office full-time. Hiring a cleaning service is almost always the best option if your goal is to keep costs low.

Cleaning Services are Best-Suited for the Job

Hiring someone to clean your office for you is often more economical because you will not have to pay as much for a cleaning service. Your employees can usually better serve your company by focusing on your core business. They will not be able to clean as efficiently as the professionals, so the cleaning tasks that may pile up over time will simply get in the way of your office's productivity.

The office cleaning company will be able to operate more cheaply than you are able to. They will be able to obtain office cleaning supplies at a lower rate than you will because they can purchase cleaning supplies in bulk. This will allow for the company to keep the overall costs lower. Office cleaning companies are also skilled at using as few cleaning chemicals as possible.

In contrast, if you have your own cleaning supplies, your employees might use them too liberally. Also, you will need to take time to find the correct cleaning supplies for your surfaces. The wrong chemicals can cause expensive damage to your property. Also, you do not have to find a place to store your cleaning chemicals and other supplies, since they are brought with the cleaning company.

Choose Between an Hourly and Flat Rate

Consider how long it will take for your office to be cleaned. If you feel that it won't take long to clean your entire office, you may ask for the cleaning company to charge you an hourly rate. However, if the cleaning job will take a long time to complete, it might make more sense to be charged a single flat rate for your entire office.

Ask Employees to Clean to Some Extent

Even though employees are better off not cleaning for the most part, that doesn't mean that they shouldn't play a role. If you are paying the cleaning service by the hour, it'll be less expensive if your employees perform simple tasks such as minimizing clutter in their office spaces and throwing away garbage. Clean desks are much more professional. These tasks will help improve employee productivity and will also reduce the time that the cleaning staff has to spend.