Four DIY Projects You Should Tackle Before Putting Your Home On The Market

If you are about to sell your home, there is some prep work that you should do to help your home's chances on the market. If you don't have the extra cash to hire on professional cleaners, stagers and landscapers, then you are on your own to make your home look ready to sell. Preparing your home in this way isn't a step that you can afford to skip and will be well worth the extra effort. Here are four DIY projects you should take some time to tackle before putting your home up for sale.

1. Clean Your Home Top to Bottom

If you don't have the money to hire a professional cleaning service, you need to take the time to give your entire home a good scrub. If you need to rent a carpet cleaner, it will be worth the effort and will lift out any stains and smells in order to make your home more inviting for potential buyers.

2. Give Your Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

Maybe your home hasn't been painted in years or you picked unique color schemes to go with your personal tastes. Now is the time to update the interior of your home and get started on a fresh coat of paint. This might seem labor intensive, but it will dramatically upgrade the overall look of your home. Go for neutral tones such as white, gray and beige that won't stand out or be distracting.

3. De-Clutter Your Home

Streamline your home's look by getting rid of knickknacks and personalized items that might be cluttering up space. Take down artwork and photos, and be sure to clean out closets so that potential buyers will be able to really take in the potential of your home. If you need to rent out a storage unit to keep your items out of the way it will be worth it.

4. Tackle the Yard

If your yard and walkways are overgrown or your yard is filled with a jumble of outside toys and equipment, set aside a weekend to get this cleaned up. Mow down long grasses and haul off rusted equipment and furnishings to the dump. If you can afford new patio furniture to showcase the space, set the scene to make your outside space look inviting.

DIY upgrades and clean-up can drastically improve the look of your home. Increase your home's chances of doing well on the market by putting in a little effort upfront and getting your home ready to sell.

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