3 Things You Should Know To Help You Squeeze In A Small Apartment With Your Belongings

Whether you are downsizing to a small apartment because it makes the most logical choice for your budget or you need a temporary space until you move into a permanent home, the change in space can be hard to handle. The transition from a large single family home to a tiny apartment means that you will be trying to squeeze all you own into a space that just does not have the room to handle as much stuff. Read More 

5 Tips For Finding A Rental

Searching for apartment rentals can be daunting. Between thinking about the location, hiring a real estate agent, and getting your budget together, it's no wonder this is usually a dreaded task. And with the amount of information given in today's world, it's difficult to know which pieces of knowledge to keep and which to throw away. Fortunately, you can narrow down the most important information about finding a rental into five easy-to-remember tips. Read More 

How To Get Approved For An Apartment With Bad Credit

Canada is one of several countries that uses your credit rating to determine your approval for things like credit cards, loans, and apartments. The reasons landlords look at your credit rating is because it shows your trustworthiness and how good you are at paying bills. If you know your credit score is low, you can still get approved, but it may take a little more work. Get a Co-Signer Perhaps the easiest way to get approved for an apartment with bad credit is by getting a co-signer who has good credit. Read More 

5 Sneaky Ways To Keep Guests From Crashing In Your 1 Bedroom Apartment

One bedroom apartments have many benefits: they're cheaper, they don't take as long to clean, and their heating bills are lower. But your haven for one or two immediately becomes cramped when guests descend on it. Here are four sneaky ways (plus one honest way) to keep friends and family members from crashing in your 1 bedroom apartment.  Say You Have Bedbugs This excuse is highly plausible, considering reported cases of bedbug infestation in Canada have been quickly rising since the year 2000. Read More 

Three Key Terms A Home Buyer Should Know

It is important to know some real estate terminology when you're considering the purchase of a new home. This may be a complex transaction that should be well prepared for ahead of time. By understanding what specific terms mean when buying property, this can make the entire process less stressful. Buyer Cost Sheet The report that will be provided to you by your real estate agent with an itemized list of fees associated with buying a home is referred to as the buyer cost sheet. Read More